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      Lewisham Clean Carpet never fails to provide excellent service. Excellent!
Thomas Martin20/06/2024
     Reliable and superb service. Seamless setup process and our cleaner has been fantastic!
     Superb customer care - They have consistently provided excellent service whenever I reached out to them. The cleaners were exceptional and left my house looking perfect.
Laura S.22/05/2024
     We have been extremely pleased with the service from this company for as long as we can remember.
     Our newfound home received a comprehensive purge, leaving everything sparkling and shiny. The products chosen not only looked fantastic but also left behind a delightful, pristine scent. We couldn't be more pleased to have stumbled upon this remarkable cleaning business.
Don Huttchings 21/03/2024
     Booking online was hassle-free, with plenty of choices at an economical price point. The cleaner went above and beyond to accommodate us and had a pleasant demeanor.
Chris P.11/03/2024
     Speedy and dependable carpet cleaners who exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.
Peter I.01/03/2024
     Thanks to the remarkable work of the cleaners, both properties received exceptional deep cleans and were also treated to other services that weren't part of the original agreement.
     The service provided by the cleaner surpassed all my expectations - so helpful and hands-on - I will definitely be using their cleaning services again.
Joey S.23/01/2024
     From start to finish, communication was prompt and clear, keeping me informed every step of the way.
Denise Walker18/12/2023
     After a long visit from my sister and nephews, my flat was in need of deep cleaning. I rang the majority of local cleaning companies and Lewisham Carpet Cleaners had the most reasonable rates. They sent the cleaning crew out yesterday, and it turned out beautifully. I would use their cleaning services again.
Hattie W.21/05/2020
      Lewisham Clean Carpet was by far better than the last house cleaning services. They were professional and did their best to respect how I wanted things done. It was an excellent service, and they had great attitudes. They were effective in cleaning and didn't leave any spot untouched. Not to forget how professional they conducted themselves. They were also very knowledgeable. Good job!
     We had Lewisham Carpet Cleaners doing our office cleaning for a few months now and they are just as good as their reviews say. Always arrive on time, bring their own equipment, and leave the office looking spotless. Perfect service in my view.
William Droog28/11/2018
     Dependability is something I worry a lot about whenever I contract a new cleaning company. Are the cleaners going to turn up on time? Will they have the necessary tools and products for the job? Will they do a good job? Can I count on them again? It is such a hassle to have to keep changing cleaning contractors. I was completely wowed by the service provided by Lewisham Carpet Cleaners and haven't look back ever since. I've really come to count on their team of reliable pros and most definitely recommend them to everyone looking for a cleaning team.
     Keeping myself in shape is a large part of my life. So from time to time, I like to ensure that my home looks its best too. Problem is though, I'm no good at housework, so my friend recommended Lewisham Carpet Cleaners to me. I hired them on a whim, and I have no complaints! My cleaner arrived the very next day, properly suited and booted for the job, and she did a fantastic job. I thought there was no better feeling than coming home from the gym after a hard workout, but seeing my home looking its best afterwards is the cherry on top!
Y. Bragg21/08/2014
     You will never understand the job that I have had finding a cleaner for the events that we do, and I will never bore anyone with the story. However, finding Lewisham Carpet Cleaners was a laborious task, but now that I have them, it is all excellent. I tend to find that they are very consistent with their cleaning, as well as being great in terms of ensuring that you get the best form them each time. No matter what the job is, no matter how painful the work is, they are high spirited and fun to have about.
Mark Walker31/07/2014
     When I needed an end of tenancy cleaner Lewisham Carpet Cleaners was my first choice as all of my friends use their cleaning services! I've never used a cleaning company before, but the cleaner was punctual, friendly and really very thorough when it came to cleaning. There wasn't one area of the house that I felt hadn't been cleaned to the standard I was hoping for, and the service was fast and not to expensive either! This is a great end of tenancy cleaning service and definitely worth it if you're stuck for time when you're moving into a new house!
     I don't know how I managed but was able to make my small apartment complete mess. It's a studio flat and there's only two rooms, so I didn't know what I've been doing to let it get to such a state. I wanted things to be fixed as soon as possible and I knew Lewisham Carpet Cleaners could do that for me. I'd heard of them from some friends and I agree with what they said. I'd been told they worked quickly and thoroughly and that they can make any house look clean by polishing, vacuuming and more. They did all of this for me and so have inspired me to keep on top of my cleaning.
Stephanie Walsh20/06/2014
     No matter what kind of problem I have, they always seem to have the answer. That's the kind of service which really makes a difference and I'm so thankful that I managed to get hold of Lewisham Carpet Cleaners to help out in my home. I'd seen what they were capable of elsewhere and it's that kind of cleaning which has really made a difference in my house. I can definitely say that I'm a convert to the idea of house cleaning services and they really do a better job than I ever could. A really great solution all around. Thanks.
Paul Torres04/06/2014
     Never really thought of hiring a cleaning company before, to be honest I associated cleaning companies to attend to people in need, or for those who are quite well off, not for someone like me. The truth is my job is stressful, I work long hours and just lately I've had to do lots of overtime too this leaves me very little free time to do anything else. What stressed me the most is not having enough time to clean at home so on that basis, I called for help! I must say Lewisham Carpet Cleaners really are the answer to my prayers I just wished I had of thought of it sooner.
Isla W.08/05/2014
     If you are the kind of person that expects a good job for your money, than you will, like me, have noticed that it seems difficult to get anyone for the right price these days! Lewisham Carpet Cleaners however, seem to be a bit different. These are hard working people, who want to deliver a quality service, for a decent price. I find them to be honest, diligent and always on time, which is exactly what I need from anyone who works for me. If this is the kind of thing that you are after, then give them a call.
Timothy Bell07/01/2014